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Topic: Thirty minutes of Wackiness

Started by: wackyben86

wackyben86   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  04-08-19 12:00 AM  -  2 months ago

Seeing that I was unable to remove my post about ending Wackiness On The Rise, I'm making a new one about NOT ending the show. This week only, I will be posting a new episode where I will be turning the show into a half hour show. I did this before but it didn't last long, and this time I'm hoping to stick with 30 minutes because an hour has been burning me out lately. After that, I will return in May with new episodes.

There will be a few changes though. Not only am I still keeping the Dumb Newsbreak, I will be playing the segment every less than 15 minutes before cutting to a very quick break. I am cutting back on bonus episodes so don't expect an extra episode anytime soon. Topics are also going to be slim but there will be a few moments I will dedicate an entire half hour to a certain topic. Example, I have an entire show scheduled dedicated to songs about Game Of Thrones in honor of the series finale. Then of course there's the usual holiday shows like Halloween and Christmas. By the way, I'm dedicating the entire month of October to Halloween songs. Another change is that I maybe cutting back on playing new songs from the FuMP instead of playing one or two, sometimes three, new songs every week. There might be an occasion where I just play one new song from the FuMP and save the others for a future episode.

Although making this show is only a hobby, I will admit that sometimes when I get stressed out from scheduling when to record and when your recording software doesn't cooperate. My idea starting later this month is to maybe record the show every Friday. As for recording the Dumb Newsbreak, I'll have to record that a few days in advance because that tends to be the hardest. Having to find three or four stories and picking out the right soundbites to play. Depending on if the soundbite I'm looking for is available. So pretty much this'll be two days of recording and hopefully less stress.

That's my announcement right now. If I have anymore to announce, I will make an update. I hope everyone enjoys this Friday's upcoming episode and then the upcoming episodes for May.

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