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Topic: Mad Music Special #232 - I'm Offended By Your Being Offended By My Offensiveness

Started by: Stavro Arrgolus

Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  04-19-19 05:05 AM  -  3 days ago

Wow...the playlist for seg. 1 is done already. All I need do is make a Word document for the script and copy & paste the playlist with the site admin function Wayne made to do precisely that...It would also help if I wrote actual (hopefully) amusing text for the damn thing, wouldn't it?

This may be another one of those shows that writes itself. The ultimate goal is for this show to have a minimum of 6 half-hour segments and even more if I think of even better topics to offend the easily offended with. Since today's culture (if you can even call it that anymore) is offended by everything, this is an easy task.

Here are some early ideas for the later segment themes:

Seg. 2: Wipe The Butt Clean With The Paper  (toilet humor)

Seg. 3: Well, That About Wraps It Up For God  (a HHGttG reference - and blasphemous as hell)

Seg. 4: I Stroke It Every Chance I Get, It's... (It's perverted & sticky; that's what it is)

Seg. 5: Ok, Now That's Just Sick!  (a special segment for everything too disgusting to fit into one of the other segments)

Seg. 6: Death Isn't The Handicap It Used To Be  (self explanatory - also a line from Red Dwarf)

And that's just off the top of my head. All titles are subject to change or rearrangement. I'll likely think of something even more horrifying to call them at some point in the production. Assuming I only manage to make 6 segments.

Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  04-18-19 04:34 AM  -  4 days ago

Ok, I'm back from Europe (don't tell Disney they have real castles there and they're NOT made of plastic) and I've sorted out the first segment of a 3+ hour special that's invariably going to have something to offend everyone, hence the title. Expect seg. 1 late next week, if not sooner.

Seg 1. Kiddie Kill  (aka Mommy-Not, Fetus Fail, Poppa Stopper, Womb Broom)

The title is a phrase from a favorite source - George Carlin. It's very much about what you're thinking. Lots of happy, bouncy tunes about rugrats being disemboweled by wild animals and some other non-death related cringeworthy kid-related tuneage. Fun! And there's so much of it in the archive. I could make a whole show about just this...but I won't. Not yet, anyway.

Yes, if you want your show heard, you really need something that grabs their attention right away. And if this doesn't, nothing else will. It might be a good idea not to eat a big meal before listening to this. Just a thought. 

Stavro Arrgolus   Offline  -  Editor, MP3  -  03-31-19 12:37 AM  -  22 days ago

Tyro's podcast sat completed a bit too long, so he changed the playlist a bit to make it more current. It'll be recorded & posted by Monday if the mic cooperates & doesn't ruin the announces with crackling. If not, it'll take a bit longer.

Meanwhile, this show will never require updating. It's said that my shows are NSFW. I'll show you what NSFW is really about. You won't be able to run screaming from the room because your throat will already be full of vomit. "My throat's full of puke and I must scream."  That sort of thing.

Basically, this is meant to be the most disgusting/squicky/offensive show ever. By its nature, it has a built in challenge to me to make something even more horrifying in the future. It's one of those 'laugh now, feel guilty about laughing later' sort of shows.

In short, it's going to be an immense amount of fun to make.

I originally wanted to make a request show after the podcast, but I quickly realized I couldn't as all the requests on the admin menu's main request page were several years old (the requesters are long gone from the site and wouldn't hear them) and there weren't enough newer ones to fill a show. Not even a half hour show. So it'll have to wait.

This is one of those shows that writes itself, so it won't take long to make the playlist. You can request songs for it - but only if you've got a really sick mind. Only the nastiest comedy is going into this one and only the most objectionable tunes will even be considered for it.

Now here's the important part. This episode is likely to go from an hour to two...and possibly three or even four. It could easily take the remainder of spring to make it. Why? Because I'm going to take a great deal of sadistic pleasure in making it. It might even be more fun than making a Xmas show. ...Well let's not go overboard here.

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