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Duration: 2:51 
Release Date: 1970 
Lyrics By:
Music By:
Produced By:
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Keywords: BIRDS, PARODY 
  • The MGM 45 rpm does have the artist listed as Ben Colder which is his other persona. (Dan C)
  • Parody of Tennessee Bird Walk by Jack Blanchard and misty morgan (Eli Neman)
  • Actually sheb wholly (Eli Neman)
  • Song Lyrics:
    The birds all had a party at the stork club on Chaparell Street
    A robin named Martin was singing like a bluebird in a tree
    Ole Jaybird and Bobwhite were ravenin' bout some starling at the bar
    When in walked a penguin he was puffin' on a White Owl cigar
    (Cool man cool)
    So they had a couple of Swallows and this Thrush started actin' like a Loon
    You see the girl was still a minor but she was makin' Coo-Coo eyes at some ole Goon
    Some long-legged Pelican took a turn for the dove
    Said I'll be hogtied I reckon we're in love
    Now they fly United throughout the skies above that Tennessee bird talk

    Hey some vulture just knocked a Peacock off his stool with a Whipperwill
    Dern near killed him
    Better send the Roadrunner to get the Sturgeon
    (Beep Beep)
    Some yellowbellied sap sucker filled the birdie bath with mountain dew
    (Chickacher) Them dirty little birds all got flyin' high and c**k-a-doodle doo
    The Bob-a-Link was bobbin' tryin' hard to duck the cockatoo
    The Crane started whoopin' when the Bird of Paradise flew up his snoot

    The Nuthatch got nutty and he thought he was a love bird on a limb
    The Humming Bird was hummin' and the Mockingbird was imitatin' him
    (Hummmmm) The Finch and the Pheasant did the Flamingo in the dark
    The Stool Pigeon told the Parrott they were headed for the park
    The Nightingale was singin' said she did it for a Lark
    That's Tennessee bird talk

    Oooh just take a gander at that little chickadee that's sauce for the goose
    You don't have to be such a Grouse about it
    (Beep Beep) go go
    I wonder if a Woodpecker would
    Come on don't chicken out on me
    (DJ Darren)
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