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Duration: 2:09 
Release Date: 12/20/2011  (DJ Particle) 
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  • Sung to "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" (ChrisWolvie)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Two Thousand Eleven was hairy,
    A year unlike any we've seen.
    There were Schweddy Balls from Ben & Jerry,
    And a warlock assassin named Sheen!
    CHARLIE SHEEN: Winning!

    Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and Cain (THREE 9s!)
    Big Trials!
    Love Childs!
    ARNOLD: Two Thousand Eleven, buh-bye! AGHAGHAGHAG!

    The S&P blew up our rating.
    The job market stayed in a slump, a slump.
    The debt ceiling kept us debating
    While Weiner just tweeted his junk!

    DEMOCRATS: Tax more!
    REPUBLICANS: Class war!
    RUPERT MURDOCH: I nearly got hit with a pie! (WENDI DENG MURDOCH: Banzai!)
    Health threats!
    Greek Debts!
    GREEK STATUE: Two Thousand Eleven, buh-bye!

    The whole Arab world was rebelling.
    So long, Moo-a-mar Ka-da-FAY!
    While soldiers were asking and telling...
    BERT & ERNIE: We told the whole world, "We're not gay!"

    We finally took out bin Laden.
    Japan had one hell of a year! (A year)
    There were riots in Britain...
    BRIT: How rotten!
    HAROLD CAMPING: The rapture!
    MAYAN: Not yet, but it's near! (Next year)

    Got hitched!
    Got ditched!
    Got knocked-up, went bankrupt, we unsubscribed!
    REBECCA BLACK: Friday!
    Two Thousand Eleven, buh-bye!

    There were Occupy Wall Street protesters,
    And folks who will surely be missed,
    Falling satellites, panicked investors...
    There's just way too much stuff to list! (To list)

    Quakes, crimes!
    New signs!
    Loose Lions and Tigers And Bears (ZANESVILLE RESIDENT: Oh my!)
    Let's cheer the new year!
    Two Thousand Eleven...
    You're ending, thank heaven!
    Two Thousand Eleven, BUH-BYE!!!
    (ChrisWolvie) - 2011, Buh-Bye!(View Larger)