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Duration: 2:47 
Release Date: 1985  (BRmusic) 
Lyrics By: Bobby Ross (BRmusic) 
Music By: Bobby Ross (BRmusic) 
Produced By: Bobby Ross and Dakota (BRmusic) 
Released By: BoJan Records (BRmusic) 
Published By:
  • The recording is available in mp3 format. Please contact me at my listed email on this great site. (BRmusic)
  • BoJan is a combination Bob and Janice. My girlfriend at the time. (BRmusic)
  • Some of the members of Dakota (Dakota was a successful rock band and friends of mine. They toured with Queen in the early 80's) were also members of "The Buoys" that recorded the hit "Timothy" in the early 70's. The talented Rupert Homes wrote Timothy. Homes was famous for "The Pina Colada Song" (BRmusic)
  • This data was entered by the songwriter. (BRmusic)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Halley's Comment
    Music and Lyrics by Bobby Ross

    Things have changed quite a bit, Halley drew a sigh
    Mother Earth has grown herself a tail since last that was by
    It's not like mine of cosmic ice from deep in the galaxy
    It looks more like a canker sore from toxic waste debris

    Here come Halley's Comet
    Gracious - sakes alive!
    Gonna get a commemorative t-shirt only $19.95
    It's multimedia, coast to coast
    on the big screen at the bar
    Halley used to be a comet, now they're makin' him a star!

    Halley moved in closer and saw Miss Liberty
    Said, "You've been standin' in dirty water so long your skin is turnin' green
    With all due respect, ma'am, you left your garbage on the ground
    and if people gotta stare through polluted air, they might miss me comin' around"

    CHORUS - guitar riff

    The man at the observatry' said, "Things are goin' fine. We're chargin' fifty cents a look so ya better get in line!"

    Halley drifted past the moon tryin' to understand
    how man could scrutinize outer space and let the world get so outta hand
    I mean, it's great that I'll be history, "There's Halley, give a cheer!"
    but you know I'll run into the sun if I come back and Earth's not here....

    CHORUS then repeat "Halley used to be a comet now they're makin' him a star"
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