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Duration: 2:49 
Release Date: 1961  (DJRockdoc) 
Lyrics By: Harry Stewart / Yogi Yorgesson (john91722) 
Music By:
Produced By:
Released By:
Published By:
As YY songs go this one is both humorous but poiniant. The lines are witty but delivered in that folksy Swedish Mid-Western Farmer way. It is one that delights me everytime I hear it and I am drawn back to listening with my parents as a little kid. My parents were "Off the Boat" with mom a Dane and my dad Norsk. A great story is that my father's aunts listened and did not realize Yogi had an accent! Yee-vis!- john91722
Song Lyrics:
You should not wait to chase women
‘til you’ve lost your teeth and hair.
‘Cause no great romance ever started in rocking chair.
Many good tunes aren’t supposed to be played on old violins,
Jah, but fiddling sure is tough when you’ve got two double chins.

Don’t put off chasing women ‘til you’re too old to catch them.
Don’t postpone romance.
All you’ll want at 83 is your Social Security.
Don’t postpone romance!

If you start in chasing women when your battery is low,
You’d need a lot of money so you’d better save dough.
Cause the girls that you attract
when your ignition has got weak
Are attracted by your money not your puny physique.

Don’t put off chasing women ‘til you’re too old to catch them.
Don’t postpone romance.
No sweet love song from a maid sounds good thru a hearing aid.
Don’t postpone romance!

Oh they say a time is coming that you won’t enjoy a bit,
When you can hear the mating call, but you can’t answer it.
You’ll be in that sad condition, which for old folks ain’t unique.
When the mind is still quite willing but the body is weak.

Don’t put off chasing women ‘til you’re too old to catch them.
Don’t postpone romance.
‘Cause they say the time comes when
women look like lumpy men.
Don’t postpone romance.

If you fall for some young cutie when your back is old and bent
You’ll learn that time has marched too far,
Your chance has come and went.
Then it’s time to drink some warm milk and go quietly to bed.
Jah, you might as well admit romance is all in your head.

Don’t put off chasing women ‘til you’re too old to catch them.
Don’t postpone romance.
Chase them while you’re in the pink,
Cause it’s later than you think.
Don’t postpone romance.

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