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  • Parody of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" (Bruce Springsteen version) (Dave AuJus)
  • Song Lyrics:
    Hi Santa, I been waiting all year for you to come down my chimney.

    ”It’s all cold after midnight mass and the wind’s whippin’ through the church parking lot. Hey Band, your girlfriend’s been actin’ funny lately?
    “No, man”….
    “Hey Big Man, your old lady been walkin’ around really funny, like she’s been with a really big man?”
    “Oh man, that’s not good. You guys been finding Christmas cookie crumbs in your bed and maybe a red stocking cap in the bathroom that ain’t yours?
    Oh man, I think I know what’s goin’ on around here.”

    Well, you better watch out for that holiday guy
    You shouldn’t go out
    I’m tellin’ you why
    Santa Claus is foolin’ around
    Santa’s out North Polin’ around
    Santa Claus is foolin’ around

    He’s checkin’ his list
    He’s grabbin’ his fly
    He’s leavin’ his gift
    Then hittin’ the sky
    Santa Claus is foolin’ around
    Santa’s clothes are hittin’ the ground
    Santa’s with your woman right now

    Oh, Santa
    He creeps in when they’re sleepin’
    He charms them with his wink
    He’s doin’ stuff no Santa should
    Oh yeah
    You better get home for Christmas sake
    Oh yeah
    Better get home and don’t be late

    You better watch out for that man in the sky
    You better not trust that jolly old guy
    Santa Claus is foolin’ around
    Santa Claus is runnin’ around
    Mrs. Claus is huntin’ him down

    ”Booyah, booyah
    Who’s been a naughty girl
    Who’s your Santa
    Who’s your Santa
    Prancer, Vixen… Hohohoho!”

    Is that a candy cane in your pocket?

    Santa Claus is foolin’ around
    Settin' 'em up in every town
    Santa Claus is screwing around
    Oh yeah
    Santa’s clothes are hittin’ the ground
    Santa’s at your chimney right now
    Oh yeah
    Slidin’ in and beddin' 'em down
    Oh Santa
    Santa Claus is foolin’ around

    Oh, you have to go already? I know you’re busy. Call me?

    Ho ho ho!
    (Stavro Arrgolus)
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