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the great Luke Ski's Blog


the great Luke Ski   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  02-25-19 11:23 PM  -  2 months ago
FUND RAISER CHALLENGE UPDATE: 3 sales made, 1 MORE SALE TO GO to force me to do a freestyle rap based on audience suggestions live at MarsCon, and WE'RE ONLY $46 AWAY FROM HITTING THE INITIAL GOAL, so if we make 3 more regular sales (or get a $46 or larger donation, or one $100 bundle sale) by 11:59pm PST Feb 25 (just under 4 hours from now) I will solicit secret suggestions from ShoEboX of "Worm Quartet" to add to the audience suggestions, and after MarsCon, record a studio version of whatever I rapped, and release it as a free track. TICK TOCK. PITTER PATTER, LET'S GET AT 'ER.

~If you missed my original post earlier, it was this:~
Re: The 2019 MarsCon Dementia Track Fund Raiser Album (4 hours of live comedy music from MarsCon 2018 for $20 at , or 46 hours of live comedy music from MarsCons 2007~2018 for $100 at ): If we make 4 MORE SALES of any kind by 12am PST tonight (Feb. 25th) I'll do a freestyle rap at MarsCon based on audience suggestions. FURTHERMORE, If we make enough sales to hit our INITIAL GOAL by 12am PST tonight (Feb. 25th), (currently we are $201 away), I'll also solicit secret suggestions for the freestyle rap from ShoEboX of "Worm Quartet", and after MarsCon I'll record a studio version of whatever I rapped and release that track for free.

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the great Luke Ski   Offline  -  Artist & D.J.  -  02-26-19 12:45 AM  -  2 months ago
UPDATE: 4 SALES MADE, INITIAL GOAL HIT, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Thank you to Donald Coleman & Robert Gibbs for each buying the $20 2019 album, and to Kristan Overstreet & David Legler for each buying the $100 bundle! You 4 sales put us over the top, & I have a promise to fulfill! ??

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