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The Mad Music Comedy Zone Anthology #11-19
Topic: Farewell to Osama

This show has 1 part:

Part 1
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A Message To The Al QaidaDave Allikas
A Terrifying Terrorist  [only known play]Jeff Dunham
Bin Laden and the JetsBob Rivers
All I Want For Christmas Is Bin Laden On A StickThe Buzz Wigby Orchestra
Bomb Osama  [only known play]Johnny Crass
Don't Let The Terrorists WinJim Terr
Fear Factor Osama and a Camel  [first known play]John Mammoser
Gimme The Head Of Ol' Bin LadenPhil Van Tee
I Am Not A TerroristWhitie McWhiteivich
I Wanna Be Like OsamaBenjamin Scheuer n Zoe Samuel
I Wanna Bomb OsamaKiller Spam
It's My Jihad"Osama bin Laden"
Oh-Sama Yo-MamaStew Moss
Eat Grenades (Osama)The Dan Orr Project
Osama and the Sopranos  [first known play]John Mammoser
Osama in Survivor 3  [only known play]John Mammoser
Osama Bin Laden You Ruined My Birthday
Osama Bin LazyOrange Monkey
Osama Come Out Tomorrow  [only known play]Capitol Steps
Osama Folgers Coffee Crystals  [first known play]John Mammoser
Osama Got Run Over By A ReindeerBob Rivers Comedy Corp
Osama Run Home to Your MamaBret Walton
Osama, Yo' MamaRay Stevens
Return to Osama  [only known play]Bob Rivers
Snoopy vs. OsamaThe Royal Guardsmen
So You Wanna Be A TerroristDave Lefkowitz
Taliban on the RunBob Rivers
Taliban  [only known play]Capitol Steps
The Bin-Laden Song  [first known play]Aaron Williams
The Taliban Can  [only known play]Bob Rivers
Yo Mama Osama  [only known play]Big Wassabi
  • recapping
  • Mama Said Knock You Out
    Under The SeaBuster Poindexter
    Kick Ass U.S.A.Milo Tremley
    Don't Mess With AmericaCledus T. Judd
    Next week: The Funny Top 20 Countdown

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