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New Recordings in 2018

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2018. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2018, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2018 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2018 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

 = Album,  = Song/Track

Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
"Weird Al" YankovicHamilton Polka, The2018  
Actual SizeThursday Carol, The2018  
Art Paul SchlosserEye Want 2 Bee Viral2018  
Art Paul SchlosserEye Want 2 Bee Viral2018  
Belle Isle Rats, TheUnless There's a Game On2018  
BonecageFact Song2018  
Carla UlbrichHarvest Box is Coming, The2018  
Carla UlbrichYou Can't Sit Down in a Stormtrooper Costume2018  
Chase HolfelderI'm A Toys 'R Us Kid2018  
Chris Mezzolesta and His HandsMedley: Wind-Up Man/Machines2018  
Chris TavenerSinging Tesla Dummy, The2018  
Circuits or GearsJust Say No 2 H2O2018  
Darren ChraplakDr. D-E-M-E-N-T-O2018  
Darren ChraplakLyrics That I Used To Know2018  
Darren ChraplakStudio2018  
David TannyChocolate2018  
Devo SpicePlayin' Games2018  
Devo Spice feat. StarfStupid Rap Battles 2: Cheetos vs. L2018  
Fur the Love of MicIt Sucks To Be Twelve2018  
great Luke Ski, TheShe's Kara Zor-El2018  
GroundhogcowThink I'll Just Let You Be Wrong2018  
Heywood BanksMy Birthday Suit2018  
Holy BongwaterLost Art of Not Kicking People in the Face, The2018  
Holy BongwaterMe and Mike Pence2018  
Insane IanTuesday's Song (Is Not Yet Posted)2018  
Jennie FagenJust Not The Pats2018  
Jinkx MonsoonCartoons and Vodka2018  
Luke Ski, the greatRun Barry Run2018  
Madison Metricula RobertsMeownir2018  
Matt GriffoButt Stuff2018  
Matt HarbertHigh School Facebook Friend2018  
Mr. SafetyCrazy Easter Bunny Song2018  
Noam OsbandBubby Got Run Over By Elijah2018  
Nuclear Bubble WrapElevator Music2018  
Power SaladBrushing Song, The2018  
Power SaladReligion and Politics Ya-Ta-Ta! Ya-Ta-Ta!2018  
Sabaka Mahusky/HalfshellHungry, Said the Wolf [Single]2018  
Sabaka Mahusky/Halfshell HeroStar Trek Fan [12'' Remix]2018  
Scales & KingstonBlack Panther Strikes!2018  
Steve GoodieA Confederacy of Douches2018  
Steve GoodieOy, What a World2018  
Steve GoodieStormy Daniels2018  
Steve GoodieTwelve People At A Time2018  
Tahlia RobinsonA New Phone2018  
Teddy Eddie B.Out Like Ryan Seacrest2018  
TV's KyleAlmighty Bean, The2018  
TV's KyleI Think You2018  
TV's Kyle feat. Power SaladHorseman Won, The2018  
Various ArtistsDr. Demento Covered In Punk2018  

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