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New Recordings in 2019

This page highlights new songs, recordings and albums released in 2019. It also provides an easy way to add them to your collection!

Recordings released in 2019, and not previously released, qualify for requests/voting for the year-end "Best of 2019 Mad Music Show!"

If you know of a Mad Album or Silly Song released in 2019 what is not listed here please e-mail me and I'll add it!

 = Album,  = Song/Track

Artist(s)TypeTitleReleasedMusic StorePrice
Devo Spice feat. Creative Mind Frame (aka 1-Up), Insane Ian, Bonnie Gordon, TV's Kyle, LEX the Lexicon Artist & the great Luke SkiSpider Verses2019  
2d6It's Spankatopia (The OmegaSperm)2019  
Adam SandlerChris Farley Song, The2019  
Aivi & Surasshu (feat. Sarah Stiles, Zach Callison, DeeDee Magno Hall, Estelle & Michaela Dietz)Other Friends2019  
AJ BiglerBail Money2019  
Ana GasteyerBlue Black Friday2019  
Ana GasteyerHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2019  
Ana GasteyerHe's Stuck In The Chimney Again2019  
Ana GasteyerI Got My Love To Keep Me Warm2019  
Ana GasteyerIn The Market For A Miracle2019  
Ana GasteyerLet It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!2019  
Ana GasteyerMan With The Bag, The2019  
Ana GasteyerSecret Santa2019  
Ana GasteyerSleigh Ride2019  
Ana GasteyerSugar And Booze2019  
Ana GasteyerYou're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch2019  
Anthony "A-Log" LoGattoYo, MIB!2019  
Beadrills, TheI Am The Snorlax2019  
Beetlejuice The Musical Cast (Sophia Anne Caruso & Alex Brightman as Lydia & Beetlejuice)Say My Name2019  
Beetlejuice The Musical Cast (Sophia Anne Caruso as Lydia)Dead Mom2019  
Belle Isle Rats, TheAmway Family2019  
Belle Isle Rats, TheGarbageman of Van Nuys, The2019  
Belle Isle Rats, TheMe and My Corndog2019  
Belle Isle Rats, TheRaymond is a Badass Once a Year2019  
Belle Isle Rats, TheStupid Future2019  
BonecageGet Small (Anos of Thanos)2019  
Boobles feat. Bonecage, Worm Quartet & Richard Horvitz, TheTwo of Them2019  
Boobles feat. Dr. Demento, TheMother's Sears and Roebuck Catalog/With a Little Help From the Twins2019  
Boobles feat. Steedo, TheBoulder Holder!2019  
Boobles feat. Steve Goodie, TheDoctor Robert!2019  
Boobles feat. TV's Kyle & the great Luke Ski, TheMaxine's Killer Mammers2019  
BS de ResistanceDoctor Donald2019  
BS de ResistanceI'm Ready For Boring2019  
BS de ResistanceMr. Trump's Wild Ride2019  
Capitol StepsTrollin' on the Twitter2019  
Carla UlbrichDumb Parodies2019  
Carla UlbrichYou Need to Run For the Board2019  
Carrie DahlbyWhy Can't I Write This Song?2019  
Chris WolvieHey Spidey... Again!2019  
Comic Sads, TheGrandma's Day Trip2019  
Consortium of Genius feat. Kym Trailz & The Tomb of Nick Cage, TheParty at Area 512019  
Consortium Of Genius, TheBrain Vape2019  
Consortium of Genius, TheNow I'm Gonna Give You Up2019  
Dan HoughCome To London2019  
Darren ChraplakMaximum Pawn2019  
Darth NaterArea 512019  
Dave GuhlowIt's Your Birthday2019  
Dave StagnerThis Is How Elvis Died2019  
Devo SpiceBanner2019  
Devo SpiceGrouchy Smurf Mumble Rap2019  
Devo SpicePromised Land (Live at MarsCon 2019), The2019  
Devo SpiceStupid Rap Battles 32019  
Devo SpiceWhat's Up, Migraine?2019  
Don CaronDay Collusion Died (Parody of American Pie), The2019  
Doubleclicks, TheNobody Gets It2019  
Eric HainesRocket-Powered Ornithopter Flying Machine2019  
Eric HamiltonJussie's Girl2019  
Erich "Dingo" ReinhardtIt's Black Friday2019  
Freddy Fazbear and Friends (Kellen Goff, Joe Gaudet, Amber Lee Conners)Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Theme"2019  
Gary T. CavanaughAin't Dead Yet2019  
Gary T. CavanaughDuct Tape2019  
great Luke Ski, TheI Didn't Have Time To Rehearse This2019  
Green JellySilence Of The Sponge2019  
Il NeigeEveryone's Here2019  
Insane IanCovering Africa2019  
Insane IanEpic Video Game Medley (live at FuMPFeST 2017), The2019  
Insane IanExtra2019  
Insane IanOver There with Electric Ron2019  
Jake DewarDecent Human Being2019  
Jake WatersWhac-A-Mole2019  
Jeff WhitmireChocolate Kraken2019  
Jeff WhitmireDancing in the Car2019  
Jeff WhitmireI Memed A Meme2019  
Jeff Whitmire feat. Carrie Dahlby & Chris MezzolestaSkip That Clown2019  
Jeff Whitmire feat. Melissa LewisSuddenly, Star Wars2019  
Joe J. ThomasBut, Dr. ButtDoctor2019  
Joe J. ThomasFly Trump to the Moon2019  
Joe J. ThomasWe're Shopping At The Mall2019  
Jonah RayWelcome To (Amish) Paradise2019  
Julian Velard & Brooke Van PoppelenHit You In Your Hotspot2019  
Kevin MacLeodFarting Around2019  
King Mellowman & Mellow RunningsImpeachment Time!!!2019  
Lauren MayerAny Functioning Adult 20202019  
Lauren MayerWorld's Shortest Political Comedy Song, The2019  
Lemon DemonBRODYQUEST (2019 Remastered Mix)2019  
Library Bards, TheCome Fly Away2019  
Library Bards, TheComic Fan2019  
Library Bards, TheDnD2019  
Library Bards, TheJohn Barrowman2019  
Library Bards, TheMighty Morphin' Time2019  
Library Bards, ThePrincess Bride2019  
Library Bards, TheWelcome To Jurassic Park2019  
Lil DickyEarth2019  
LovecraftThis is Halloween Vol. 12019  
Marian RosinUnlucky in Lingerie2019  
Mark HammilBuddi Song (from "Child's Play", 2019), The2019  
Matt BucksteinOscar Catagories2019  
Matt GriffoI Crapped My Pants2019  
MC Lars & Mega RanLegend Of Sleepy Hollow, The2019  
Merkins, TheEvery Life I Take2019  
Migos, KAROL G, Snoop Dogg & Rock MafiaMy Family2019  
Mikey MasonBest Friends2019  
Mikey MasonI Don't Think That I Like You Anymore2019  
Mikey MasonIt Was Aliens2019  
Mikey MasonLetterkenny2019  
Mikey MasonLoot the Room2019  
Mikey MasonRetrObituaries2019  
Mikey MasonShiny Math Rocks2019  
Mikey Mason feat. Michael Brown & Sean FaustTake Over The World (feat. Pinky And The Brain)2019  
Mikey Mason feat. The VarlotsUnicorn (Varlots-style), The2019  
New Orleans SteamCOG OrchestraMy Mummy Was a Lady2019  
Nuclear Bubble WrapCuriosity Killed the Mars Rover2019  
Nuclear Bubble WrapIntelligent Design2019  
PDX Broadsides, TheBuffalo2019  
Pony Death RideAncestry Dot Com Christmas2019  
Pound Shop BoysThe Tra-La-La Song (The Banana Splits)2019  
Power SaladArthur Treacher, Not a God2019  
Power SaladTravelin' Hat2019  
Rachel BloomEleven O'Clock2019  
Reformed WhoresVasectomy2019  
Regdar and The FightersFactoids About Webfonts2019  
Ross ChildsBandwagon Fan2019  
Shytunas, TheThis Song's For You2019  
Steve GoodieDeath2019  
Steve GoodieDisneyland2019  
Steve GoodieI Like to Burp2019  
Steve GoodieLouis CK2019  
Steve GoodieMy Will2019  
Steve GoodieParts For Frankenstein2019  
Steve GoodieRobot-bot-bot2019  
Steve GoodieShut Down 20192019  
Steve GoodieSingle Mom2019  
Steve GoodieTwo For Ninety-Nine2019  
Steve Goodie feat. Bob McPeekQuid Pro Quo2019  
SuLu78.26 RPM2019  
Sweats and SpinnersMy Wings2019  
Team SawriteRamadan Dan2019  
Ted Parks & The Busted BonesHalloween Monster Blues (Hard To Meet Women When You Look Like This)2019  
TV's KyleI Only Feel It When It Hurts (Longer Than Album Version)2019  
TV's KyleOfficer Freethrow2019  
TV's Kyle feat. Lindsay SmithCastle of the Maniacal Crocodile-Woman2019  
TV's Kyle feat. Lindsay SmithRock in My Face2019  
Uncle JoeStuck in Foopid2019  
Van StoneOur Testicles (Aren't Symmetrical)2019  
Young JeffreySmooth Like Homer2019  

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