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It's That Time Of Year Again...

It's no use not thinking about it. The holiday season is upon us. The roads turn to ice and your bank account turns to dust as we await the annual visit from the fat man in the red suit (no, it's still not Truman Capote - he remains extremely dead). The rugrats will be making lists of all the useless pieces of molded plastic they want you to waste your cash on - or worse, the needlessly expensive video games they'll scream/whine if they don't get. It's enough to make you...demented.

Around here, 'demented' is a good thing, for we have the solution for all of your Advent aggravations. We're bringing the holiday hilarity just for you and you can hear it right this moment if you like. Hit the link of your player of choice on the Christmas banner to the right and you'll be transported to the land of holiday dementia which is devoid of traffic, shopping hysteria and long checkout lines...except for the songs that trash those things.

We have 13 years of experience bringing the Yuletide yuks to you during your 12 days of Xmas. There'll be new holiday shows with the latest in holiday dementia and, of course, all the classics to accentuate your Xmas atmos. And if all that's not enough, we have years of past shows that can be heard anytime. And they're all still FREE. You don't get a deal like that everywhere...

Arrr, all ye be welcome, mateys!

Retired Commodore Stavro Arrgolus, editor of the site here. This is the repository of all comedy music, where you can hear, see and experience mad music, streaming audio shows and videos to your heart's content - all for free. Joining our crew costs ye not a farthing. You don't get an offer like that everywhere...

Looking for an old & funny song you haven't heard in forever? Your search may very well be over for it's likely to be here. What if you just want to hear full streaming comedy shows full of the best music of the dementia genre? We've been cranking them out for more than a dozen years. Complete shows made by our DJs are here, free to be heard and available immediately with just a click or 3.

What's not free? There's always a catch, isn't there? Downloading copyrighted songs, that's what. This site is a member of ASCAP, BMI & SESAC in good standing and the copyrighted songs you hear are all legal to stream & be heard. But you can't download them. What you CAN download are all the Creative Commons affiliated songs we have. And we have a lot of them.

We also have thousands of videos to be seen. So does YouTube. But all of ours are of one genre and all in one place. No searching for them; they're all right here.

This is another one of those sites you can easily get lost in for hours on end finding songs & videos of years past that you've been can be all rather addicting, actually. Be sure to watch the time so you don't find yourself late for something.

So with all that in mind,
be at ease, sit ye down, have a flagon of grog & be listenin' to all yer favorite comedy music, old & new.


Mad Music Show Still Afloat After 13 Years

It's alive! And assuming different forms! Right now there are four: The Mad Music Show, The Mad Music Hour, The Mad Music Podcast (here and on iTunes) and the especially rare Mad Music Special (consisting of 3 hours or more). Old Retired Commodore Stavro Arrgolus takes you on a twisted trip through the land of dementia when he feels up to making one of these shows and you can always request songs for them whenever you feel up to it. The shows' strange & off the wall themes usually aren't what you'd expect, so every show is crispy fresh. And sometimes crunchy. Cap'n Wayne has returned with new shows of his own and he brings a new request line number you can call: 1-800-519-0300. Give Cap'n Wayne a call and one of us may play your call & request on the show. Be sure to give the shows a listen...or get keelhauled, matey! ARRR!

Wackiness On The Rise Returns

Started in 2016, the show went through many changes throughout the year all the way through 2017, was supposed to end in 2018 but is returning again.


Wackiness On The Rise is a one-hour comedy music podcast hosted by Wacky Ben, former host of Ben's Wacky Radio, and is currently planned to be a weekly


 show. Episodes are posted every Friday, the best way to get your weekend off to a wacky start.

"Off the Record with DJ Darren" Joins the Mad Music Lineup is happy to welcome 11 year-old DJ Darren and his "Off the Record" radio show to our list of weekly comedy shows! The show features "Off the Record on location" segments, mystery song contest, and comedy songs old and new. The show is clean comedy music and 100% safe for work. Off the Record is broadcast and recorded live on Sunday nights on 103.3 FM WXOJ-LP Valley Free Radio in Northampton, Massachusetts from 7-8 PM EST and posted here shortly afterward. Tune in each week for Darren's enthusiastic show and many songs that can be heard nowhere else!


You Can Log In Via Facebook & 'Like' Songs, Albums, Artists, Shows & More

You can login via Facebook and 'Like' many elements on the site. With each 'Like' you can also add a post to your timeline about the item (this is optional of course). Just login normally, then use the 'Login With Facebook' button to link your Mad Music account to your Facebook account. Not only that, but new members can sign-up on Mad Music just by logging in via Facebook - the site will create an account for them automatically and no activation e-mail is required! Tell your friends, 'Like' your favorite songs and help us use Facebook to expose more of the world to the Fun of Mad Music! 


More Than 4000 Demented Videos To View

Sometimes, the listening just isn't enough and you get an unhealthy craving to sit back and fry your brain cells with hours of comedy music videos. Captain Wayne has the deep-fryer at the ready, so sit back and let those brain cells slowly sizzle while binge watching your favorite comedy music artists doing silly things on video. Our improved 'pagination' function gives you more immediate access to every video added to the site. Better get to seeing them now while they're still mind meltingly amusing. 

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