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That's Crazy Talk!

By: Bill Slater


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The Beatles meet Frank Zappa and Weird Al on Broadway!qeditor 
"That's CRAZY Talk!"" is a killer disc with eclectic songs that range in styles from The Who, XTC and Weird Al to The Beatles and Pink Floyd (with Frank Zappa thrown in for fun) Anyway, this time around, the band has been augmented by more great musicians, including; Roger Johnson and Jimi Powers (lead acoustic and electric guitars), Tony Severino and Jeff Leece (bass) Phil Janzen (drums), Mindy Nilson, Evan O'Hare, Tom Bolenbach and Jason Stone (backing vocals) Chris Fiscus (percussion)and Bill (everything else - what a guy!) And last but not least, Mike Bolenbach continues to perform his engineering magic...cuz he's The Magic Man. Is the world ready for this stuff played live? I dunno...but enough of my yakkin'...let's boogie! qeditor 


YearTypeLabelCatalog # 
2009CD(Captain Wayne)


Reviews of Nobody Loves El Chupacabra: ""Nobody Loves El Chupacabra", the new single from the highly anticipated new release from Bill Slater, "That's Crazy Talk", is one of my absolute favorite tunes to drop this year... no joke. Pure sweet ear candy goodness, in fact, I think I will listen to it again right now!" Byron Carrick, Phoenix, AZ "I loved the vocalist in the song...seriously, this song, EVERYBODY, should listen to it, I reckon I'll be singing it at work and annoying everyone around me." Keith Garber, Frisco TX "I'm crackin up as soon as I hear it...hilarious! The Spanish sound really helps get the point across on this one. Its so funny, has it been on Bob and Tom yet? its a nice new song about a new hoax...really funny!" Scot Ayens, Atascadero, CA "Great guitar picking...nice mix, excellent production...Can see Jim Carrey dancing with castenets." Frank Stokes, Brooklyn, NY Reviews of Crazy Island: "Rockin tune about a craziness that every married man understands. Vocals are creative and the song entertaining. All parts - drums, guitar, bass, vocals... are well done. I enjoyed this one." M. Redcap, Maple Shade, NJ "Love it." David Acuna, Bogota, Colombia "Love the lyrics...psycho country. GREAT SONG." John Crawford, Hamilton, Ontario Reviews of Ode to Mary Ann: "The contrast between the mystery of who's screwin' who on Giligan's Island and the political scene which isn't a mystery to anyone who is paying attention is brilliant." The Pictures, Mountain View, CA "SKIPPPER!! Oh man this was funny as f*ck." Zetty Twine, Lnybrook, NY Reviews of THE ALBUM: "...brillant...the lyrics, vocals and the instrumentals! What a delight..." Helen Stevens-Cunningham, Grand Blanc, MI " Become a fan, buy the new record "That's Crazy Talk!",and really enjoy your life!" Byron Carrick, Phoenix AZ " Thanks for the free listen it spiked my interest enough to download the rest of your album! Impressive!" Devin Kalt, Glendale AZ " I listened to the CD over a dozen times already. Great happy tunes on a nice warped buttery roll. That's balance! " Tom Boenbach, Phoenix AZqeditor
Messages about the album: "That's Crazy Talk!"

qeditor   Offline  -  Artist  -  01-07-10 03:32 PM  -  9 years ago
Click on my Facebook link, become a fan and you get download link for a FREE MP3 of "Nobody Loves El Chupacabra"! Such the deal!
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